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Golden Award®
Buttery flavored oils
Rich Butter Taste
Convenient & Versatile
Saves Time & Money
Make Butter Jealous

Golden Award is a buttery flavored oil with a rich buttery taste.  A convenient and versatile product that saves time and money versus butter.  It can be used in place of butter to saute, pan fry, grill, bake, make wing sauce, butter toasts and biscuits and more at a lower cost than butter.  Golden Award (No Salt) can also be used on flat top grills as it minimizes surface damage.  Golden Award is a must have staple ingredient for every foodservice operation.  

Golden Award for Pan Frying & Sauteing
  • Rich buttery taste, authentic butter appearance and no artificial flavors or colors
  • Ready to use, pours easily and resists scorching and burning
  • No melting or clarifying needed, no refrigerated storage needed, better yield than butter



  • Golden Award Original Buttery Flavored Oil | 3/1G | 5013995
  • Golden Award Original Buttery Flavored Oil | 2/17.5 Lb | 5006596
  • Golden Award Pan & Grill (No Salt) | 3/1G | 5013998

Golden Award Product Information

Golden Award Product Information
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